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About Kate's Coffee Koop


Derek, Katie & Charles

Hello There!


If we haven't met in person yet, let's do that real soon. Kate's Coffee Koop is a fully stocked mobile coffee shop. From cold brew to lavender, to mochas and local maple lattes. We even have Italian Sodas hot chocolates, and apple ciders for the folks that don't fancy coffee quite yet. This all evolved from my love for Jesus, passion to serve others, and crafting quality coffee drinks.

I remember from very young age, always wanting a lemonade stand; however, living in the country it wasn't necessarily the best location as our closest neighbor was about a half mile away.  After many years of hoping and praying for an opportunity to share my passion, we found a "well-loved" concession trailer in Summer 2021. Derek, my husband and amazing business partner, did a full overhaul on it within a matter of weeks to prepare for our health inspection and prescheduled events.

With the event requests filling our inbox in the Fall of 2021, our single-season trailer wasn't able to keep up with the ever-changing Wisconsin weather and growing demand. We have since then upgraded into a 4-season truck,. We are now ready (and very grateful) to attend your upcoming private events such as: tea party, wedding, graduation, bachelorette party, reunion or public community gatherings. Please contact us to reserve your date(s)!

Cheers to a Great Day,

Katie, Proud Owner of Kate's Coffee Koop

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