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Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't all coffee the same? 

There are actually more than 60 different types of coffee beans; although, there are two (Robusta and Arabica) that are mainly consumed.  

All of our coffee is directly purchased from the farmers and locally roasted at Three Arrows, St. Croix Falls, WI

All coffees do not taste the same, that is where the magic comes in. From the grind to the water. The grind of your beans can make a huge difference in the flavor of your coffee. Coffee grounds need to be soluble enough to impart good flavor but insoluble enough to stay out of your filter system. If your coffee tastes weak or sour, your drink may be under-extracted. 

At Kate's Coffee Koop we are proud to provide the same quality beverage that you expect to recieve at any brick and mortar. 

How much space do you need to host Kate's Coffee Koop?

Chicken Little, the truck, is about 13' long by 8' wide with a 60" by 36" serving window on the passenger side.

Do you need water/energy hookups?

No, we are is fully self-sufficient for day events. If you are looking for a longer-term event (2+days) we would request a power source of 220 on 50amp. 

Are you licensed eced & insured?

Yes, each year we go through a rigerous health inspection and are proudly insured through American Family Insurance. 

Do you have any non-Coffee Options?

Yes, sure you betcha! We are now featuring Italian Sodas with and without caffenine! Our menu is ever-changing... please let us know if you have a special request and/or drink idea!

Is there a minimum Guest Requirement for you to attend our event?

For weekday events, we have a 100 cup minimum while during the weekends, depending on distance of travel, there is no minimum. 

Do you have a serving radius?

While we strive to stay within our direct local community, 60-mile radius from Emerald, WI; we are willing/able to attend special events beyond. Please connect with us to discuss the details and set up fees.

can you accommodate allergies? 

Sort-of... we have alternative milk options, sugar-free syrups; however, please connect with us with your detailed request. 

How much does it cost to have you come to my event? 

Let's discuss this together at it varies from size of gathering to distance of event. 

What's a community Gathering vs. Private Event?

A community gathering is an event open to the general public without needing an invite. A private event is when people have to be invited to attend. 

How much is your coffee?

While our menu does vary from coffees, espresso-based lattes to cold brew the drinks range from $2.75+. We are proud of to roast locally roasted and ethically sourced coffee beans.

Are you hiring?

Let's connect! We are happy to talk through your goals. 

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