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Serve and Receive

Hey Hey! This year I look forward to take the to reflect on steps, goals, wins and opportunities when it comes to all things Kate's Coffee Koop related. Feel free to come along in the journey we will look back on as 2023.

Last night I took some time to reopen a tiktok account: ( With each montage of events, smiling selfies, and screen shots of posts from happy guests, it really made me realize what we really provide. What we have to offer is so much more than coffee for hire. Kate's Coffee Koop brings a unique element to events that most don't know is missing until we have been there. Putting a word on what that 'element' is, is challenging at the moment; however, the word hostess come to mind. There is nothing that makes a person feel more welcome when they go to someones home and is welcomed with a coffee/beverage. It is almost a spiritual element one could say too. The ability to serve others to make them feel more welcome brings us, the team, the most joy. To be invited to attend these events we do not take for granted either.

Johnson Wedding 2022
Johnson Wedding 2022

Looking back to last season, the Johnson wedding stands out to be one of our favorites. If you ask me in person, I use my hands a lot, so hopefully you get the emotions between the words. It was a long and busy day with an early morning. We had a nice event in Chetek at Pine Lodge (55 miles, one way) to then quick drive back to home-base, to then drive out to Clayton area to set up for the wedding. Let's be honest, we were all exhausted.

Charles and I unloaded the 400 pound generator (Bessy), we carried our supplies from the truck to our spot, waited for Derek to come with the Coffee Truck, Amelia was finishing up at her other job ... then all of a sudden from the hills at the reception site were filled with beautiful sounds of harmonizing worship music praising Jesus. It went on for several minutes as the ceremony was tucked in the valley. It was the most peaceful sounds of tranquillity and peace that could have been heard. It was a reminder to slow down and be present in moment. We are so blessed to attend events to craft and serve others.

Looking into 2023 we have prebooked some events such as a couple county fairs and festivals. If you are hosting an upcoming event we would be honored to review calendars and provide a non-pressure quote:

Cheers, Katie

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